Wednesday, August 19, 2009

globalization / lobe-alization

to evolve - evolution, detonating a state of not moving, to ignite progression - why?
it has intrigued me, the concept of evolution.. the cause-effect - the evolution of evolution.
does context assert this need of evolution, or is it an instinctive thrust for change - does context change because of the sum of evolution(s)?
what happens - ? - what is static? what changes - who changes.
it has become obvious that now, the act of needing something has become a reception of the need to need - not a pure need of a subject 'x' i do not need an ipod i do not need gps i do not need twenty pairs of shoes - there is no need - there is want
i love 'want' - it is visceral enough

invest in 'want'

i am very interested in communicating - in knowing - in constant research - i want to know - to peep - to fake islamic attire, to veil - to look - be seen and unseen both at the same time - but this, with laws of the 'now' bring... at least a mode of dilution that i cannot bare - hence my urge to dispatch the international village, the global frenzy, the urge to be one with all - i dive in myself, please dive in yours

there has been enough investment in common ground - public floats are made to drown - because the 'public' does not exist. evolution must decide an inwards path - a robust autonudity of the self to the self - experiments on adaptation to the needs of one - the reorganization of the tree, to produce fruits of self - to produce fruit salads - to produce steak- it has been a pleasure to be a member of the window display of the everything - but it lays here, the self as fuck - the sex as tool - procreation as impotence of lust - privacy as god - circles for play, and intersections by luck - there has been enough investment in common ground, enough expenditure in a direction.

do not give god the finger, it does not exist
we have not been at war, so don't count your martyrs
this does not taste like chocolate, but it can if you want it to
there is no factual proof, and if you find any - dont tell me about it

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