Monday, August 17, 2009

feiruzian leather abdel nasser drags

remember dany boustros? Dany Boustros commited sucide on Sunday the 27th of December 1998 by shooting herself with a gun in her appartment in Beirut. I was sad for a while. I looked her up on youtube and still found nothing - but this is not the issue. the issue, i think - but not quite sure is - us, the we - 1948 1967 parisian switzerland in geophrenic apetite | i think, i want to be here - for a while, and i want poets on tv to lie of sex, i want - them, us - i want to realize that there is nothing to look for but, except - but, exactly - and i want other things, i want this to be happy - and i want feiruz to walk around..not sing - walk - and old paintings of abdel nasser in drag, if we dont find any - please lets paint some and pretend to find them - or bury them and then find them - i want this to happen, and i dont want to be for anyone, i want us to happen - because, they dont speak arabic anyways - so why the hassle - i want palestinians to free palestine already, because they can - maybe if they need to see us naked, we can show them naked - and i dont want the underground to be advertised on morico tv shopping - it becomes too warhol, and we dont want that - do we nico?

i love you

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