Thursday, August 13, 2009

سنرجع يومآ‬‎

" -Ali's voice sometimes did, Diala's still does. And why not? This piece of the earth has always been a sucker for grand words and grand people. When recalling Arab or Muslim glories, the narrator is almost overwhelmed by the mythical, as the factual retires to the near margins of his ode. Ask Duraid Lahham, that sharpshooting humorist from Syria...Listen to Sa Narji'ou Yawman (One day we shall return), the ballad of Lebanese crooner Fairouz, and suddenly you'er sitting in the middle of those famous Palestinian orange groves (bayarat) lost long ago, because of war and fear, to another people, other aspirations."

pg29, About This Man Called Ali by Amal Ghandour

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