Sunday, August 23, 2009


i think, in the 80s, madonna fucked daft in a very punk way - of course, she had an abortion - the fertilization, then waste, got flushed in the toilet - got munched by a sultan ibrahim fishy on its way to lebanon which used the loo when it got to the mediterranean..for another fish to munch it - that fish got fished in beirut..they ate it -

Friday, August 21, 2009

LEITMO(CRIT) | about this man called ali

this book is by far one of the best i have read in a while now - although named 'about this man called ali' it fornicates every aspect of arabia as junct through ali's life. ali acts as a character that is used as a timeline for a narration of an arab era -
amal ghandour holds my hand and takes me in time and place - in detail to construct a status quo that is not well ..curated, i would say, in general
read this book, it is about you

LEITMO(CRIT) | scenes of a sexual nature

if you liked Richard Linklater's 'before sunset' and 'after sunrise', you would most likely like this one. 'scenes of a sexual nature' by Ed Blum maps out the path of different romances and attempts of romances in Heath Park. the dialogue is very witty - and it sort of sets the whole work on track, the acting is secondary...if not tertiary to the screenplay - the actors are puppetted around randomly into each other's scenes to fake a babel-esque etcetera.
i cannot say that scenes of a sexual nature contains any scenes of a sexual nature, but happily cocktails a rather real life to comic homasapien mating bazaar - fun film, ramadan friendly

albert camus

YouTube - ‫امينة عنابي اتاميه‬‎

the month when eating stops then boom then stops then..

im not into ramadan karims, happy hannukahs or merry christmases, but this - i kind of liked..i got this today - its pretty neat

Dear all,

ٱقۡرَأۡ بِٱسۡمِ رَبِّكَ ٱلَّذِى خَلَقَ

“Read, in the name of thy Lord who created man from a clot.
Read, for your Lord is most Generous, who teaches by means
of the pen, teaches man what they know not," Quran

as always, i just dont know..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

أخي المواطن

CSS - letsmakeloveandlistentodeathfromabove

Callin' me high on the telephone
Came by plane all alone
Spend the afternoon making a speech
Speech made you nervous that you couldn't eat
You came to show your mad love
You came to tell it's not enough
Come and erase me and take me with you
Kiss me I'm drunk, and don't worry it's true
I wanted to show me how mad is my love
Come and attack me it's not gonna hurt
Fight me, deny me if I fear when your close
Let's make love and listen death from above

Let's make love
Let's make love...
And listen death from above

You knew my ideas when they were in my head
They were my secret evening plans
Wine, then bed, then more, then again
Wine, then bad, then more, then again
Run run run, to make your heart shake
Kiss kiss kiss, will make this earth quake
I'm gonna get what I'm willin to take
This gotta worth the miles you made
Come back I'll warm you up
Make me breakfast, I'll make it up
You are so talented I'm in love
Let's make love and listen death from above

Let's make love
Let's make love...
And listen death from above

I'm back with a smack and I'm ready to attack
Stare at my lips and I see they were wet
I know how you're doing by looking at your pants
And this is how we call it a comeback...
And listen death from above

Screaming your name on the microphone
Going back home all alone
Listen to the tunes that you sent to me
Listen to them good company
I want to show my mad love
You have to know it's not enough
Come and complete me, stay here with me
This is all true, it's water I drink
I want you to show me how mad is your love
Come and attack me it's not gonna hurt
Fight me, deny me if I fear when you're close
Let's make love and listen death from above

Let's make love
Let's make love...
And listen death from above

Let's make love
Let's make love...
And listen death from above

Let's make love
Let's make love...
And listen death from above

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

globalization / lobe-alization

to evolve - evolution, detonating a state of not moving, to ignite progression - why?
it has intrigued me, the concept of evolution.. the cause-effect - the evolution of evolution.
does context assert this need of evolution, or is it an instinctive thrust for change - does context change because of the sum of evolution(s)?
what happens - ? - what is static? what changes - who changes.
it has become obvious that now, the act of needing something has become a reception of the need to need - not a pure need of a subject 'x' i do not need an ipod i do not need gps i do not need twenty pairs of shoes - there is no need - there is want
i love 'want' - it is visceral enough

invest in 'want'

i am very interested in communicating - in knowing - in constant research - i want to know - to peep - to fake islamic attire, to veil - to look - be seen and unseen both at the same time - but this, with laws of the 'now' bring... at least a mode of dilution that i cannot bare - hence my urge to dispatch the international village, the global frenzy, the urge to be one with all - i dive in myself, please dive in yours

there has been enough investment in common ground - public floats are made to drown - because the 'public' does not exist. evolution must decide an inwards path - a robust autonudity of the self to the self - experiments on adaptation to the needs of one - the reorganization of the tree, to produce fruits of self - to produce fruit salads - to produce steak- it has been a pleasure to be a member of the window display of the everything - but it lays here, the self as fuck - the sex as tool - procreation as impotence of lust - privacy as god - circles for play, and intersections by luck - there has been enough investment in common ground, enough expenditure in a direction.

do not give god the finger, it does not exist
we have not been at war, so don't count your martyrs
this does not taste like chocolate, but it can if you want it to
there is no factual proof, and if you find any - dont tell me about it

link me up scotty, fur elise ..and haig

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

methode rose

this, here, is brief - but in my head it's not - let us stop pretending palestine is palestine - i think we should call it israel. if palestine is already palestine, there would be no reason to fight for it, no?

a little blond girl ate dough nuts, this blond girl became fat, this blond girl lived at her parents house, they told her she was gorgeous. this little blond girl went to school, everyone told her she was fat. this little blond girl looked in the mirror, she did not like it. this little blond girl did not like, more than she did not like her reflection, that her mother never told her about mirrors. this blond girl stopped eating dough nuts, she became thin. this blond girl got laid, she felt good. in wikipedia, they told her that she felt good because of the stimulation of her clitoris [functions solely to induce sexual pleasure], being the horny blond girl that she was, she found out, also through wikipedia, that [Sexual pleasure is the pleasure a person derives from any kind of sexual activity, most commonly through orgasm. The most common pleasurable sexual activities are masturbation and sexual intercourse (including foreplay). Some people derive sexual pleasure from fetishism and/or BDSM.]


i have an extra mirror, many people do - you do not need three in your purse, mme...i call for the construction of a big big one, mirror that is - around israel, so that palestine sees itself - i will discuss more later...

Monday, August 17, 2009

feiruzian leather abdel nasser drags

remember dany boustros? Dany Boustros commited sucide on Sunday the 27th of December 1998 by shooting herself with a gun in her appartment in Beirut. I was sad for a while. I looked her up on youtube and still found nothing - but this is not the issue. the issue, i think - but not quite sure is - us, the we - 1948 1967 parisian switzerland in geophrenic apetite | i think, i want to be here - for a while, and i want poets on tv to lie of sex, i want - them, us - i want to realize that there is nothing to look for but, except - but, exactly - and i want other things, i want this to be happy - and i want feiruz to walk around..not sing - walk - and old paintings of abdel nasser in drag, if we dont find any - please lets paint some and pretend to find them - or bury them and then find them - i want this to happen, and i dont want to be for anyone, i want us to happen - because, they dont speak arabic anyways - so why the hassle - i want palestinians to free palestine already, because they can - maybe if they need to see us naked, we can show them naked - and i dont want the underground to be advertised on morico tv shopping - it becomes too warhol, and we dont want that - do we nico?

i love you

Thursday, August 13, 2009

سنرجع يومآ‬‎

" -Ali's voice sometimes did, Diala's still does. And why not? This piece of the earth has always been a sucker for grand words and grand people. When recalling Arab or Muslim glories, the narrator is almost overwhelmed by the mythical, as the factual retires to the near margins of his ode. Ask Duraid Lahham, that sharpshooting humorist from Syria...Listen to Sa Narji'ou Yawman (One day we shall return), the ballad of Lebanese crooner Fairouz, and suddenly you'er sitting in the middle of those famous Palestinian orange groves (bayarat) lost long ago, because of war and fear, to another people, other aspirations."

pg29, About This Man Called Ali by Amal Ghandour


stumbled upon these photos by Oliver Trillon, whoever is interested please contact PR desks at your preferred whorepitals

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

was reading this article in alakhbar - here are some of its glory points

1. الصوت الدافئ الذي يحمل بصمات المراهقة الهاربة، ينبعث إلكترونياً كأصداء ذاكرة بعيدة
2. soapkills أصبح اسمها «ياس»، وتبدو كأنّها طوت صفحة
3. لكن مقامها العالمي الحالي نقلها من المستوى الشعبي إلى مكان الصدارة في المهرجان العريق، فعادت من باريس لتحلّ ضيفة على لبنان
4. ماضيها ممحو إرادياً. وحاضرها أقل جاذبية في بلدها. أما مستقبلها فمجهول
أغنيةGet It Right المستوحاة من أوبرا «أينشتاين على الشاطئ» لأحد مؤسسي تيار الموسيقى التكرارية، فيليب غلاس (1937). الأغنية تقوم على توالي الأرقام، لكنها تختلف عن الأوبرا الأمتن في تاريخ هذا الفن، لأنها تفتقد إلى التعقيدات الموسيقية والإيقاعية، وجوهر المعنى الذي يبني على أساسه غلاس تكرار الأرقام

هواياتي المطالعة

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


it is no longer acceptable to be asked about the mediocrity of the world, when contribution to the social extravaganza must comply to a mainstream channel. i tend to sound pretentious preaching the masses in electronic pulses that probably reach no one, but it should be noted - that people have complexes and this is one of mine - thanks for using VISA, and good evening.

anyways .. i talk about myself and definitely other selves including mine, in vicious circles of attempted communication that doesn't get through because of a fear of market disapproval - okay, i lied, i am only talking about the selves that belong to me - i like them. today i was caramelfully scorned that what i do does not go under a type, category - which obviously made me jizz in my pants - but the problem is that anything that is not something is nothing - are we following?
for those of of you who are not, please enjoy this

what ever happened to spit? zeit zaytoun el koura and other ..besides the point
anyways - i have still not come to terms with them, you - i am not interested in providing a handbook for whatever i decide to show of myself - i thought the point of a conversation is the brink of letting go - to catch or fall . . i will not lubricate myself for your ease of excitement - this is not here for your comfort - we are here to play, so on your marks already..

Monday, August 3, 2009


YouTube - ‫اعلان فيلم منى زكى احكى يا شهرزاد‬‎