Monday, July 27, 2009

weight of sound, negligible check uncheck

what to say, what not to (use same verb as before) - how to say comes audio-borne
to say to who, in eavesdrops - if necessary - for your listner, a complete stranger - lover, a complete stranger or prior fornication of strangers come lovers - worth saying, to say to who, but yourself, to talk to who, other than the deaf - not quite, for they read lips - wet lips, slick spit mute stick.
what to say, when things are needed, or otherwise - to little explosions, negligible destruction - i say once, when things are needed, to slurp stick spit, via wet lips, to dry - for destruction inevitably negligible.
to talk to noone, for noone audiences for entertainment, they collect - to remember, when you know nothing of the past
talk to noone, for noone forgets slips of lips, tongue mishaps - talk none, nothing - for intention molds against you - what to say, say brutally - what not to say, draw
but you, anyways - because this little sting into mass destruction, when you are not awake, seems worth it
to say, to make there - to decide upon existance of the said, in the head of another
to say, makes fabrications, to decide upon your existance, taste

say once, to learn, then burn - with mask, of which i recomend liver sacs, for they regenerate - or so they say

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