Sunday, July 26, 2009

war again, but nicely

i am not one that would advocate war as main dish for our contemp, lebanon - but it seems that this wont change for a while, come to think of it - at least these two artists have lived the war, a war, wars...rendering their work - i think...worth seeing. it might be that, this spermovarian crop..(that was not not fully immersed in THE 75er and what have you) did not fully bloom production-wise..or something - i am HUNGRY for art that detaches itself consciously from..the war, nto because it doesnt matter - but because there are other things to beans for example - but not..just beans..
anyways - get yourself together and check out zaatari and khoury's work in BAC and Sfeir-Semler - war or not - ... both ...find their way in between imaginary ..nice

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