Thursday, July 23, 2009

الحياة مرة - بس مش كتير - byblos fest chronicles

so here's the deal - im pissed (a little). im pissed that yas pulled off a britney tonight at the byblos festival right after coco rosie and gonzales literally ROCKED the sur-mer scaffold holding us all.
im obviously starting out with my least fave of the night: YAS
i have been obsessed with YAS's music for some time now, advocating its avocadoes and slurping its audibles, making my mom dance to 1,2,3,4 .. .anyways - tonight, ms. hamdan very successfully shattered my happiness strata - only to coverup with an interesting show..."look, my body can do this..and this.."
the thing is, ok - we get the picture, it is in essense a take on arab pop music culture along with arab ideology versus the soundmakingmachine, but chill - the tracks do the trick beautifully - instead, this show was a parody of the album, with vocals that resemble fadia el sherre2a and dima's beiruti madame impersonations - DROP IT - as i type, i am earwashing myself - looping Arabology ...round and round the kittens frockle .. yasmine is a show on her own, she sensually stops to sip an almaza off the ground, next to her bare feet wearing catwoman like hally barry would dream she would - but still . .i / how i wish this was playback.
on a brighter note, the music was very well done - the mix - the bokja... :P (eh yas?) it started with ..pararaaararaaaaaaaa - intro instrumentals from batwannes beek - electro - (hello mashrou3 leila)... seriously, the music is/was/is still genius, so at points where my love isnt singing, ... i could dance -
there was this one point during her performance when she pulled herself together and was a bit serious about what she was doing - while performing her new song.. "ghenneyye romantik" as she declared it to be . .. during her encore - she was in sync with her two accompanying pupus in black - she knew what she wanted to say and she said it - thankyou - but still.. . a lot to say yet all seems so irrelevant - im still very impressed by Arabology as a project, and YAS as an actress - a participant in an experiment, but this performance was not one to remember ...back to .mp3
first runner up: Gonzales
this person succeeded in boring my left testicle for about ten minutes before he revealed himself as the samurai of piano shows with his pseudo-japanese cross espadrees..and flabby silk top
gonzales seriously tamed this thing they call the piano - and made fun of the french..and wajdi (a dork) .. .he was generous to share the stage with a drummer..yum music ! im definitely gonna dig more into this guy's music
winner: CocoRosie
WOW, this was the show of the night, the staging was impressive, the girls were into it - and the music was well done and performed beautifully - it was at that moment, that my feet decided it was time to move around - i couldnt contain ..the me :D - and during this show, my favourite thing happened, a public display of arab stupidty. . (le habal..chic) . .. PALESTINE ! FUCK ISRAEL...hehe only because the star of david was used in a video montage in the background - this video was a compilation of pop imagery . .the context was ..demeaning - if you would ask all the starring roles, then erotic at slip moments, then back to filth - in an extroverted subliminal hymn of things .. going different scales, where we are still in this fuck, where we can only read letters - where only lines make sense
big loser: the seating
i expected panic at the disco/byblos mayheim/etc..etc... - i didnt get one
but all in all - YAY



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