Monday, July 27, 2009

monochrome antichrist-opher

N.A.S.A "Whachadoin?"

i will talk to you later

weight of sound, negligible check uncheck

what to say, what not to (use same verb as before) - how to say comes audio-borne
to say to who, in eavesdrops - if necessary - for your listner, a complete stranger - lover, a complete stranger or prior fornication of strangers come lovers - worth saying, to say to who, but yourself, to talk to who, other than the deaf - not quite, for they read lips - wet lips, slick spit mute stick.
what to say, when things are needed, or otherwise - to little explosions, negligible destruction - i say once, when things are needed, to slurp stick spit, via wet lips, to dry - for destruction inevitably negligible.
to talk to noone, for noone audiences for entertainment, they collect - to remember, when you know nothing of the past
talk to noone, for noone forgets slips of lips, tongue mishaps - talk none, nothing - for intention molds against you - what to say, say brutally - what not to say, draw
but you, anyways - because this little sting into mass destruction, when you are not awake, seems worth it
to say, to make there - to decide upon existance of the said, in the head of another
to say, makes fabrications, to decide upon your existance, taste

say once, to learn, then burn - with mask, of which i recomend liver sacs, for they regenerate - or so they say

Sunday, July 26, 2009

war again, but nicely

i am not one that would advocate war as main dish for our contemp, lebanon - but it seems that this wont change for a while, come to think of it - at least these two artists have lived the war, a war, wars...rendering their work - i think...worth seeing. it might be that, this spermovarian crop..(that was not not fully immersed in THE 75er and what have you) did not fully bloom production-wise..or something - i am HUNGRY for art that detaches itself consciously from..the war, nto because it doesnt matter - but because there are other things to beans for example - but not..just beans..
anyways - get yourself together and check out zaatari and khoury's work in BAC and Sfeir-Semler - war or not - ... both ...find their way in between imaginary ..nice

insomnia, my turquoise

what do you do, when you are told to tell of someone/thing of which you know nothing about - sinai came to me, for me to come on it, to its blur. my salt must have not tasted of camels, my lies taken for truths, not meant to be taken as such - i am not talking to her, anymore - talking at it, for it did not understand my relevance, factual disregard was not how it liked to be penetrated - yet it smiled

Saturday, July 25, 2009

contemporary human initiations lack dimensional rational entrapment

i.e. children \ contemporary human initiations lack dimensional rational entrapment nectar
for some reason i used to detest children, to some extent - i still do - but my casual random delicacy of social absorption is driving me into anecdote-worthy bumps with...little ones - and it's one of two
1-i stopped cerebral development in 1992
2-they have a sense of illogical maneuver that talks to me

to make a long, possibly boring reading short, i have been in a serious conversation with my little cousin, where we concluded that i am an "evil chipmunk made of three monkeys made of pigs made of mud made of dirt and water" - and i am...her being the "good chipmunk that boxes the evil chipmunk made of three monkeys made of pigs made of mud made of dirt and water"
with her, it made sense to have a pseudo-indian seventeen word name - and living up to my standards of evil-itude, i won three battles of "who can carry who off the ground" of course, not encompassing her advantage that i am 10 times her size

Friday, July 24, 2009

i know im boring yas..i :)

so, haig just sent me this link
where they said this
Danse, Théâtre et musique se mélangent pour la deuxième année à Avignon sous le patronage de la SACD : les "sujets à vif", rencontres entre artistes autour de performances inédites, sont l'occasion d'explorer des domaines nouveaux, à la croisée des routes artistiques.

Yalda Younes et Yasmine Hamdan interprètent "Ana Finitzarak", chorégraphie et chant autour d'une ancienne chanson égyptienne et d'une impossible rencontre.
and had this video

Thursday, July 23, 2009

الحياة مرة - بس مش كتير - byblos fest chronicles

so here's the deal - im pissed (a little). im pissed that yas pulled off a britney tonight at the byblos festival right after coco rosie and gonzales literally ROCKED the sur-mer scaffold holding us all.
im obviously starting out with my least fave of the night: YAS
i have been obsessed with YAS's music for some time now, advocating its avocadoes and slurping its audibles, making my mom dance to 1,2,3,4 .. .anyways - tonight, ms. hamdan very successfully shattered my happiness strata - only to coverup with an interesting show..."look, my body can do this..and this.."
the thing is, ok - we get the picture, it is in essense a take on arab pop music culture along with arab ideology versus the soundmakingmachine, but chill - the tracks do the trick beautifully - instead, this show was a parody of the album, with vocals that resemble fadia el sherre2a and dima's beiruti madame impersonations - DROP IT - as i type, i am earwashing myself - looping Arabology ...round and round the kittens frockle .. yasmine is a show on her own, she sensually stops to sip an almaza off the ground, next to her bare feet wearing catwoman like hally barry would dream she would - but still . .i / how i wish this was playback.
on a brighter note, the music was very well done - the mix - the bokja... :P (eh yas?) it started with ..pararaaararaaaaaaaa - intro instrumentals from batwannes beek - electro - (hello mashrou3 leila)... seriously, the music is/was/is still genius, so at points where my love isnt singing, ... i could dance -
there was this one point during her performance when she pulled herself together and was a bit serious about what she was doing - while performing her new song.. "ghenneyye romantik" as she declared it to be . .. during her encore - she was in sync with her two accompanying pupus in black - she knew what she wanted to say and she said it - thankyou - but still.. . a lot to say yet all seems so irrelevant - im still very impressed by Arabology as a project, and YAS as an actress - a participant in an experiment, but this performance was not one to remember ...back to .mp3
first runner up: Gonzales
this person succeeded in boring my left testicle for about ten minutes before he revealed himself as the samurai of piano shows with his pseudo-japanese cross espadrees..and flabby silk top
gonzales seriously tamed this thing they call the piano - and made fun of the french..and wajdi (a dork) .. .he was generous to share the stage with a drummer..yum music ! im definitely gonna dig more into this guy's music
winner: CocoRosie
WOW, this was the show of the night, the staging was impressive, the girls were into it - and the music was well done and performed beautifully - it was at that moment, that my feet decided it was time to move around - i couldnt contain ..the me :D - and during this show, my favourite thing happened, a public display of arab stupidty. . (le habal..chic) . .. PALESTINE ! FUCK ISRAEL...hehe only because the star of david was used in a video montage in the background - this video was a compilation of pop imagery . .the context was ..demeaning - if you would ask all the starring roles, then erotic at slip moments, then back to filth - in an extroverted subliminal hymn of things .. going different scales, where we are still in this fuck, where we can only read letters - where only lines make sense
big loser: the seating
i expected panic at the disco/byblos mayheim/etc..etc... - i didnt get one
but all in all - YAY


Arabology (Mirwais+YAS) dans le Cabinet des Curiosités Video

Saturday, July 4, 2009

thot being thot of

it's weird now -
crossing from a supposed A - to some B..C some D, others E...F,
everything becomes a point of departure
i dont like that

it gets weirder later -
at points of saying goodbye
to walls, to blocks built over time
to say goodbye to piles, built as shoulders to lean on
to byebye trees, planted for shade

at points of accepting -
being left

it gets wierd even later -
when it becomes a routine