Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my teta ur teta



Sunday, June 21, 2009

orgy de la musique - beirut


beirut - just came back - this is beirut.
beirut says good, morning night make no sense
beirut says morning, night - good makes no sense
beirut - tonight, came on me - and let me...in

when they look at me and say this is the best year of your life, i thank you beirut - for letting me know that they lie - for everyday is another, and for that - i smile, little smiles, i cry - intense - every coming is the best to come - i thank this ego of a city - that is now opening up, to let me drool on it - it drool on me, so that we plaie - like...the little children above drinking age that we are...i dance, alone and with them - in it - alone and with them - beirut, i love you

these pictures were taken in the fete de la musique sessions in the dome (abandoned bayda in downtown beirut by joseph philipe karam) - amazing night - the building just...embryoed us all..fetile horny horny hungry drunken people - happy people - beirut in testicular belly

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

wogensky is a name and buildings dont need names

ok, so here's the thing, sometimes - some of me are reluctant to show their work - my work - and i would express it discreetly - but sometimes, it takes the form of an outdated populist propaganda - and yes, it does become genuinely negative - but there is this kind of artificial entropy, you know? i am human, and these are my relations...\\

im a survivor

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

at last my <3 has come along.. [hypothetically speaking]

"Drink To Get Drunk"

I eat food to satisfy my hunger
I drink water to quench my thirst
I use my mouth and air to blow balloon up
I prick with pin to watch it burst
To make noise I use my breathe
To unlock doors I use a key
When I'm looking for something I use my eyes
I use booze to unlock me

I sweep so I can sleep
I sweep so I can sleep

Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep

I wear shoes so I can run
As to avoid the broken glass
I wear the pants because they suit me
And to discourage the pinchin' of ass
I'll tell a joke to make you laugh
I'll close the door to have a cry
They say that change and pain is a positive thing
Have I changed since you died

I Sweep so I can sleep
I Sweep so I can sleep

Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep

Don't ask me why I smoke
I don't know
But I drink to get drunk

Don't ask me why I smoke
I don't know
But I drink to get drunk

Don't ask me why I smoke
I don't know
But I drink to get drunk

Don't ask me why I smoke
I don't know
But I drink to get drunk

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

litol do they know

They say that I'm a clown
Making too much dirty sound
They say there is no place for little monkey in this town

Monday, June 8, 2009


Latcho Drom - Balada Conducatorolui

stumbled upon this yum

Sunday, June 7, 2009

she is *place

stumbled upon her, after a performance by souad massi - my love - on arte...
here you go...

as i listen to her dance...freckles in the sky whisper,

You're getting your bearings and thinking deeply about your goals and purpose in life. More importantly, you're beginning to see the best way to make headway in the near future. Communication is important. So is sharing your experience with others. A continual flow of energy will help you make necessary progress. There is plenty going on in your twelfth house, too, which suggests that it's time to do some inner work. You may need to reflect on why you're moving through certain experiences, which may not be easy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

as a litl worm once said, "kamikazeeeee~"

You could be in passionate, fiery spirits today, leitmotifs. If someone crosses you, they could end up getting an earful! Your temper might be a bit short, but any anger you feel won't last long. Your energy might just be stirred up by the powerful planetary influences of the day. As Gemini is usually so warm and easy-tempered, your loved ones might not understand this other side that you are expressing!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

to cum, merci 3times

إحلم / ي / وا / ...

i lov her for blogging this, miss, mrs, tannir -
seriously - i DO hate the art scene in beirut, but this is smershiklik ya fostok le2annek rababa kind of good shit - so im guessing ok...art scene = war made us all gay, now wear pink
versus a yummier think scene...yay..think scene that goes like .. art scene = *.*

click on dima, pesudo-erotically...otherwise..the same thing would happen
so click keef ma bedkon

this summer will be fun

but hedonism is not the answer, said one of them. the crowd all felt happy that their aim is not happiness - so the tribe collected every possible friction plane and scrubbed their bodies to spices from india

ok, can we at least go to the beach? but maybe you will smile - and smiling is a sign of ____ the unspoken sandal - ok, note to self - salt is bad

but hedonism is not the answer, so when happiness depresses you, fight it - hedonism? an answer - do i smell the?

ok, can we at least - can we?

but hedonism is not the answer, and yes - yes you can lie

Monday, June 1, 2009

brothel *

a piece of the med, this city does not deserve

when tripoli looks away
we leave its line - as it gets smaller,

we hope spots of brown dots
still cater for us -
as it gets smaller

for wind,
we unwind
and it sways

as we forget
where we came from
and why we came