Thursday, May 28, 2009

SANAYEH sit-in في جنينة الصنايع

i got this email just now...

Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Concerned Citizens,

After the atrocious decision of the Municipality of Beirut to implement parking lots in Beirut under the historical Sanayeh Garden in Ras Beirut and the Sioufi Garden in Ashrafieh, every concerned citizen of Beirut is urged to object the strategies of the municipality and join the sit down in Sanayeh Garden at 10:00 AM this Saturday 30 May 2009.

The sit down is a civil action initiated by the Sanayeh neighborhood residents, which we hope it grows to encompass influential individuals, NGOs, and private sector enterprises. Please find attached the sit down poster and invitation for your reference and to circulate as widely as possible.

I will be helping Mrs. Randa Zaiter (a Sanayeh resident and active mobilizer, copied herein) in coordinating this event; so, please contact me for any inquiries. I hope we can lobby as many stakeholders so we can advocate green areas, open spaces, public spaces, heritage, and most importantly citizenship in Beirut.

Best Regards,
Fadi Shayya
Urban Designer & Architect

i have just one one thing to ..ok
who decides things around here??

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