Monday, May 18, 2009

a one, two, three with yAYYASHI

a seagull just quirked in my highly sensitive ear - that we are importing a coolie - so i sent my pigeon...and she was shot - but i heard, that it was eaten by good men and women - so its ok - last night, i found this in PLAYTOY, who is yasmeen?

one: so, ok you're coming to beirut to smell _______________

bottle up the majari on the corniche like its incense ...snif snif... siiiiigh. yum.
and cafe younis's brownies and coffee
and ree7t il diesel bil 7amra.

two: if you would be allowed one abusive legal fornication that would deport you - what would it be?

ill will 7asses 3ala kul zwareeb beirut. WA7AD WaA7AD FARDAN FARDAN.

three: lamma el ward yfatta7 zumurrud, la7met rgheefek...(plz continu this)

...hmmm....1) btubrud. 2) bitkhush fi teezak. ...3) bitseer khiryeh kbeereh 3al taree2 nashfeh bas lamma tid3as 3aleiha (w ra7 tid3as), btif2is w bittalle3 qaws quza7

* (theyre gonna uload a little movie about formless - by yasmeen ayyashi this week) stay tuned

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