Friday, May 22, 2009

El Croquis 53 - Rem Koolhaas

It has been some time now, that I have been thinking of things, that I took for granted - people understanding my oral stimulation(s) audible vibrations. It has been, almost that same time that I have been lost in translation, this thing, this me and telling things - to me, from me.

It has been within this time, that I decided that I want to be an architect. To me, architects had the luxury to say things, and put people in things, and put things in people, and people in cities, and cities in people, and buildings in cities, and toys in buildings, and playgrounds in people, and many other things in other things that are many, with one sheer point in mind...saying things.

But, context is god, hello context...and I do not want to be an architect anymore. Oral stimulation(s) audible vibrations in double line perceptions define this by my disintegration, my proliferation into the oh-so-holy channels to the underground rest...but \ no.

When architecture decides that it can be defined by anything other than itself, in a scale of 1:1, then I denounce it, or denounce myself from it, either way...I would make sure we would not be together. So "do you want to be an architect?" is not a question. Question marks are not sufficient to ask.

I was flipping through El Croquis 53 - Rem Koolhaas today, and - I like this fellow. I am ending this post with some coffee, dark chocolate and a little something from that issue,

" What almost nobody really understands about architecture is that it is a paradoxical mixture of power and powerlessness." -Rem

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