Thursday, April 30, 2009


i need to say something - yes i am - so im with chink, talking about colonizing the void, that AUB wants to deteriorate - but we will not - she - will not - so..ALMAZA
anyhow, attempts of reshuffling erectile dysfunct due to FYP processes failed in cybersex ..em clothed in Beirut .. In empire

ANyways - an armenian boy is mating with another in palestine - not palestinian - and a southern princess is attempting computerism

chink is reading this - it is fun..u know? i feel like telling her stuff -- as she is reading this - like im chatting to a someone without fingers .. YAY?

ok now i - well..the palestinian mate saw me - i feel naked --but im fine


"its in to AUB"

"de Prague"

anyways ..where were we? nowhere
ok wait..i think someone is getting naked for me - so im not going to tell you i love you

no, i wont

love u


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