Thursday, April 30, 2009

DIMITRI: "My project is a meditation space in the middle of nature, to cure pig flue infected ppl" O_O

The Other Side: "excellent kassem!! but make sure it looks like Schayer! ok? ok? or u will fail like the pigs!!"

DIMITRI: "7ader seedna ! schayer it is!"

"Pig flue Recovery Asylum/ Incubator/ sexy catalyst in Faqra"...sounds interesting??... maybe id get sum funding from the WHO ...sum donations to cover my plotting debts...

Raafat...I will consult you in case the building turns out to look like an egg...thank u :)

collect cool friends and win a little pig (safe)
muslims are included within this offer
even though, an author told them not to
freedom of speech = love = salami = love = ALMAZA*

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