Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh, neighbour of the valley

Oh, neighbour of the valley, I am
deliriously h
appy and what has come to me is
portrayed like a dream of your
memories. And in th
at memory I manifest
your love: and in my sleep the memories
spoke like the echo of the years.
And I passed by your garden and over the
hill where I used to meet you. I knew not
the sweetness of your love through your
embrace until my arms moved gently to hug
you in return. I held your hand and your
cheeks became rosy. I entered in the
darkness of the night and kissed your
mouth like the rays of dawn. The language
of speech had ceased but my eyes spoke to
yours in the language of love. Time
and age is not represented by today, or
tomorrow, but time has been gathered
together to form moments of satifaction.

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