Thursday, January 1, 2009

darta kabbineh ~

mashrou' leila did it again - with a couple new songs, some reshuffles and magic tricks down their tipsy circus sleaves - kashkash i might add (metaphor) - they started beautifully (some might object, they can go pluck themselves - ehm ehm, haig?) with a song i was supposed to understand, but it had a beautiful vibe - something i could relate to (even though the sound was wierd - possibly just in my head), a moment of inevitable departure from this place - this was a new song i guess ; check ; i like -
on another note they scrambled our eggs (pun?) with the usual " " & fucked us with some reshuffled 'classics' (their own) - in a good way -
towards the seemingly conclusive ending, the stage was tabboulishly quota'ed to dancers, a violinist who added her own spunky touch to the tabkha .. a saxist - and a ouder _ whopper !
the crowd was polite, once upon a time - in gefinor, but a circus is a circus, 'cus ikht private space', sed mashrou' "im guessing" .. and "yalla batata .. stage lal jamee3" .. and the crowd sed .. oki :)
i had my own kefraya -- wrapped in a recyclable bag and another non-biodegradable ; your perfect aware drunk // green // it was a delight, scramming through the enjoying swayers - i tell you - gefinor never smelled so nice - i heard hamed say yasmine - i think thats it - or i just got high on this orgy-ous jam3a (gathering) - people places .. . not bad . .mashrou' jameel -

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