Saturday, December 27, 2008

dark komeudie

this is dark komeudie -
its been a while since i really blogged anything blogticular - bas i think it's time ..i mean..i cut my hair yesterday and just made myself some tea. i saw my sister all shocked and white in the face looking at the i sit .. and watch
dark komeudie ..
noone seems to be acknowledging what is going on and im not realy processing anything - but im gonna give it a go -
im watching..
-a new israeli aircarnival on gaza - many died
-palestinians (today palestinians minus one hundred fifty five) are fighting amongst each other

my tea is getting cold

-one single israeli dead - u see, arab bombs are very particular

{commercial break: diet coke has just one calorie .. no less than one calorie .. }
{what they dont tell you is that its one calorie per one hundred milliliter and the can has three hundred thirty milliliters}
dark komeudie
still watching the tv - finishing my tea
for some reason, they think the stock market is important
the gulf summit is being held in muscat

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