Saturday, October 4, 2008


here you go, another funeral. found this building on the way to have a drink a couple of days ago in mina, and it just -- struck me. went back there today, and got lost in the old alley network of old mina, and got whirled in a wedding .. ideally i guy asked me if i was lost and yes i was ..but while i was answering - i say that building -- and sed oh, i lost this building and now i found it :D

yes, a nutcase

but not really so; the guy pointed at a fat lady in black and told me that she owned it, before it was taken away from them by some bank five years ago.

ofcourse, i strolled weddingfully to that lady, introduced myself as an interested person and started babbling, but she shoo'd me .."i want to see the bride", but sweetly took me to her husband's grocery store .. "talk to him, he knows .."

michel, the husband is an old - rather interesting man. he showered me with reminices of catalogs from the US and how he designed the theater, and its beautiful chandelier .. he told me to talk to the municipaltiy..and this is what i am gonna do...

stepping out, he called me again .. of course i ran up those two steps and saw him building a model of the cinema columns with a torn marlboro carboard case and sketching the sections of the balconies on his worn out "friend-debt" notebook - i couldnt help but smile. . the architecture student smile .. the one you do when you feel so in tune with the sound of romantic anecdotes of love and concrete.yes that one :D

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