Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lightning Bolt

"You feel as if you are hit by a lightning bolt this week, raafat, so get ready for a large dose of dazzling energy to come cascading into your life. On Monday, the Universe starts the ball rolling as Mars trines powerful Pluto retrograde in your sector of rivals, and you experience a blast from the past. A former rival shows up in your social network, and you may have to cope with feelings that you had long since forgotten. The emotional Moon is in Gemini in your sector of self the beginning of the week, so you may be a bit on the supersensitive side, and your emotions will be easily triggered. You might want to explore just why you feel so unsure of yourself in the presence of your competitor and consider ways to boost your self-esteem. Remember, it's all about you, not your opponent. Try to focus your thoughts on Saturday, or you will find it difficult to concentrate. Mercury, your ruling planet, squares erratic Uranus, and your energy level will propel you in a hundred different directions. This is a great time to burn off your excess energy in a sport or at the gym."

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