Sunday, May 11, 2008


i got some questions about tripoli, so here it goes
yesterday mid-day was a bit psycho, i mean armed "civilians" were almost everywhere
burnt offices and attack on several areas: thakafe' street, tell area, etc ..
that was all okai, until at around 0100 am today, when bombings started.
im near azmi street and the explosions were high, to a certain extent. then i knew that it was in jabal me7sen.
bombs kept going with high intensity alongwith gunshots, but not serious anywhere near here.
now its morning, from what i have heard, jabal me7sen has lost
and everything is settling respectively. the "army" is also spreading all over tripoli
the info on tripoli is scarce, so im gonna try to keep this string flowing, somehow..
your welcome jay

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Jay said...

Thx for the update. Stay strong.