Thursday, May 22, 2008

it is terrible how we are so into our shells, that we dont even smell anything beyond the near appropriate obvious, i mean okai, our polititians had a 4 day siesta in a 5 star hotel, fought, then agreed overnight, then downtown is open..when you think of it , you say hmmmm..especially when you actually read the results ..

namely - and i will choose some, so you dont get shocked by the prophecious character of the agreement -

الاتفاق: حصر السلطة الأمنية والعسكرية على اللبنانيين بما يشكل ضمانا لصيغة العيش المشترك وتتعهد الأطراف بذلك

نص الاتفاق: تطبيق القانون واحترام سيادة الدولة بكافة المناطق بحيث لا يكون ثمة مناطق يلوذ اليها الفارون بوجه العدالة

الاتفاق: ثانيا تشكيل حكومة وحدة وطنية من 30 وزيرا توزع على اساس 16-11-3 وتتعهد كافة الأطراف بعدم الاستقالة أو إعاقة عمل الحكومة

نص الاتفاق: اعتماد القضاء وفق 1960

so now, what is happening, marginally,..

this is going to be murdered, this summer probably..and im a useless :!K*#@ ! ..any suggestions? i mean,

this baby is not properly appreciated or even proper pictures, interiors, representations, literature, anything when the dynamite decides .. .its gone forever :)

this was not a happy face, go to doha and fix that, ey?whores

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Ibrahim said...

if we can actually get to the architecture firm behind the design of beirut gate (the massive project which will take over martyrs square and demolish the opera house)... and maybe convice them to change or alter their design...
whats do u think?

any other ideas?