Sunday, May 11, 2008


you know, different places give you different feelings, the company is always great, but aleihaus .. is beyond. the funny thing is i ve been there only a couple of times, it's rayyama's place in Alley, and i'm in love with it. the view is super WOW. the terrace : amazing, and the weather is over the top. you go down a sexually creepy staircase, to reach IT, aleihaus-idriss. most of our evenings, we spent outside, on the terrace, eating yama's cake and one time..tripolitanian kaak ;) it ends with a movie projection on the cieling ...cuz we re cool people
now aleihaus is only 5 minutes away from the conflict, seeing it on what the fuck?! you know? yama just told me that if anything happens to it, it would be the second time it would be fixed in her lifetime . .
below are some past moments of aleihaus .. and there will be more ...when it all clears out
enjoi the pictures, i know im just a selfish fuk..but the pictures are here for me..not you.
or look, when you watch al-arabiyya..and see a bunch of innocent houses on the mountain slopes, none of them is just "a house" and know that one of them is aleihaus, waiting for us to project on its flesh, something sweeter than smoke and gunshots /

rayyama's munchies :)

cieling projection

mosquito wonder

non-alcoholic intoxication :S


watching the movie .. a bit more snax than i shud have had ??!?

oriental experiments

"haig, i am your father" , said darth ryam

the mega-terrace

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