Saturday, May 10, 2008


beirut 8may 0900 // waking up, to my sister's face frolicking "wake up, wake up". sara called her earlier, and we have to leave beirut. beirut 8may 0910// its hard to lift my back off the matress, i missed class. my sister, still rotating around her axis, telling me to pack. its funny, i normally never it was a matter of gathering my dirty underwear off the floor. beirut 8may 0920// im "packed" looking at the wide window of my bedroom, to the close neighbouring hotel. i tore off my curtain long ago, i see a grid of people on a grid of balconies and my sister's phone ringing..fragmented miscall ringing .. they're here. beirut 8may 0935 // ibrahim is downstairs .. evacuation. i cannot believe it. tripoli 10may 1402 // my dad sits down beside me and tells me that the civil war is starting..but. beirut 8may 0940 // my belongings are in the trunk of his car, the car already 3/5 and my sister..saturating its population, beirut 8may 0955 // driving through solider, we are stopped for a truck of sand to pass, but no! the drive fast past it .. we win, in the front mirror, the truck doesnt give a fuck, driving back towards hamra..i think. dora 8may 1030 // the traffic is hilarious sounds of ambulance vans and fast driving army trucks go past us in the other direction dora 8may 1045 // the music is becoming boring, we raise the volume..shifting our gathering to a party level. dora 8may 1055 // the music has to stop. birbara 8may 1120 // my sister calls my mom to meet us at the chekka intersection, and my dad announces he is going to beirut. (no comment). chekka 8may 1140 // ibrahim parks, and it starts to rain. i stand up for some lost feeling of freshness .. a failing attempt. chekka 8may 1145 // my mom arrives, all pale. tripoli 8may 1200 // silence. tripoli 10may 1414 // my dad gets off the couch to his bedroom, get his silver radio and sits back down

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