Wednesday, May 28, 2008

أقبح من ذنب

لم أعد نفسي

فاختفت عروقي
و لا ابه لما الت
اليه أصابعي

أقطع به أوصالي
مع أخي

لم أعد أكترث
اذا أفرغت الهواء
بيني و بينك

و قتلت القمح
ببرودة قلبي

لم أعد أهتم

لا بحالي
ولا بحالي . . .

أعلم اني
لن أقبل ذراعك
على كتفي

لأني ضقت ذرعاً
من كونك

يشتري الأخوّة
الذي باعها

ليبني قلعة
أنا خارجها

raafat m
im sitting in t-marbouta, a cafe in hamra, thinking of the courses, i just registered..and struggling with the intense heat.
my espresso getting more bitter by the second, trying to counterbalance it with a caramelized biscuit ..just one

i like a break - from it all - but i think, i like it all too -

lilly ( told me im introverted unstable today, or ..thats how he diagnosed me after one course of psychology..

i have 3 paper dues yet, and a project..and this is how the cookie is crumbling :)

im sitting in t-marbouta, still .. a cafe in hamra, thinking of the 3 courses i have to take this summer, and the five courses i have to take next fall, for me to be able to graduate on time

im sitting in t-marbouta, a cafe in hamra, but still - its not working, im taking a break, only because i like breaks .. but i like it all

-this is nonsense, dont read it


i got this from Pascal Hares, Studio Beirut - sounds very interesting, im going to provide a link for their site soon - -stay tuned :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

it is terrible how we are so into our shells, that we dont even smell anything beyond the near appropriate obvious, i mean okai, our polititians had a 4 day siesta in a 5 star hotel, fought, then agreed overnight, then downtown is open..when you think of it , you say hmmmm..especially when you actually read the results ..

namely - and i will choose some, so you dont get shocked by the prophecious character of the agreement -

الاتفاق: حصر السلطة الأمنية والعسكرية على اللبنانيين بما يشكل ضمانا لصيغة العيش المشترك وتتعهد الأطراف بذلك

نص الاتفاق: تطبيق القانون واحترام سيادة الدولة بكافة المناطق بحيث لا يكون ثمة مناطق يلوذ اليها الفارون بوجه العدالة

الاتفاق: ثانيا تشكيل حكومة وحدة وطنية من 30 وزيرا توزع على اساس 16-11-3 وتتعهد كافة الأطراف بعدم الاستقالة أو إعاقة عمل الحكومة

نص الاتفاق: اعتماد القضاء وفق 1960

so now, what is happening, marginally,..

this is going to be murdered, this summer probably..and im a useless :!K*#@ ! ..any suggestions? i mean,

this baby is not properly appreciated or even proper pictures, interiors, representations, literature, anything when the dynamite decides .. .its gone forever :)

this was not a happy face, go to doha and fix that, ey?whores

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

جنبلاط: يحق للمواطنين التظاهر ومنع المتحاورين من العودة قبل التوافق

جنبلاط: يحق للمواطنين التظاهر ومنع المتحاورين من العودة قبل التوافق Posted on 2008-05-20 @ 16:11 //

bla bla bla ...

وشدد على "حق المواطنين اللبنانيين بالتظاهر ومنع المتحاورين في الدوحة من العودة إلى
لبنان قبل الإتفاق على صيغة للحل"




i got this email from ghada azzi, managing director of ArabAd magazine, sounds interesting //

//Hello there,
Did you know that the Peace sign turned 50 years on April 4 2008??50 years in the making and Humanity is still in one big mess!!IF WE CAN'T MAKE PEACE, AT LEAST CELEBRATE IT!!If you don’t like the way the world is shaped, here is a chance to design your own.Push the bounds of creativity and make a difference through the inspirational iconic symbol. Sign Up and celebrate with the anniversary of the Peace

More than US $5000 is up for grabs…This is an incredible chance to share your creative juices and highlight your stance on Peace, while being part of the largest art show gathering, this summer in Beirut.

The ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest is intended to be an inspiring and empowering initiative, where a broad cross- section of creative spheres, from the Middle East, are called in for this one opportunity to send out a clear anti-war message supporting the global tribute for the 50th year of the peace symbol.There is only one rule: to include the Peace sign in the poster design.The rest is up to every designer and his stance on Peace.
MORE IN THE ATTACHED Pdf DOCUMENT... (just scroll down for info here ..)

Kindly, do forward it to all artists/designers in your neighborhood who believe that Design Does Matter, as much as Peace is Worth...Common' Grab your energy drink & Get in The Zone... Think of a better world... Your Inspiration will catch up...

Peace Out! Ghada Azzi
Managing Editor

Stay tuned
More //

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vocab seems to be the "in" way to get you donating ... if you enjoyed, this is the next best thing:

Saturday, May 17, 2008


hello, since most of you fellow designers are fleeting out of le Liban, here's a guide. These statistics were posted by, for design salaries in the US of A, le enjoi them

please check regularly for ticket updates and VISA plans.

WALTZ WITH BASHIR (i doubt this will be screened here)

i was told about this movie by a friend, i read a few articles.. as always israel is a spectator only..whatever..seems like a good movie / judge for yourselves, i posted two articles/reviews



Waltz With Bashir” an animated feature chronicling the real life experience and aftermath of director’s Ari Folman recollections and traumas as a soldier in the first Lebanon war (the third one on the way?) will have its world premiere on Thursday at the Cannes Film Festival, where it’s competing for the Palme D’or. It will be the second competition entry to be unveiled to the jury and the press on the festival’s first full day of screenings.Meanwhile, here is the exclusive world premiere of the breathtaking trailer to this animated quasi-documentary. It looks stunning.


Israeli film at Cannes explores 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre
By Reuters
Tags: Cannes film festival
A daring new animated documentary follows Israeli director Ari Folman as he tries to piece together memories of the 1982 massacre of Palestinians in Beirut's Sabra and Shatila camps. Folman was a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces when it invaded Lebanon earlier that year. It allowed Christian militiamen into the refugee camps and stood by as they went on a killing spree shortly after the assassination of their leader, Bashir Gemayel.

In "Waltz With Bashir," in competition at the Cannes film festival this year and screening as Israel celebrates its 60th anniversary, a soldier among those surrounding the camps witnesses the execution of a family by militiamen.

It also features a reporter describing a telephone conversation he had with then Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon about rumors he was hearing of the massacre. Sharon, who resigned as defense minister after a 1983 Israeli inquiry found he bore indirect responsibility for the killings, takes no action. "Waltz With Bashir" is built around a series of animated reconstructions of real-life interviews Folman conducted with friends and fellow soldiers from the time, as he seeks to remember what his role was in the atrocity. It portrays young draftees fighting in Lebanon, where many were killed or wounded, and the dreams and hallucinations that many had more than 20 years after the event. The only non-animation footage is a short sequence at the end showing news photographs of the bodies of men, women and children lying in the streets of the camps after the killings. "I didn't want you as the audience to go out of the theater after watching 'Waltz With Bashir' and think, yes, this is a cool animation film'," Folman told reporters in Cannes. "These things happened ... thousands of people were killed, kids were killed, women were killed, old people were killed. "In order to put the whole film into proportion, those 50 seconds were essential to me." Parallels with Holocaust One of the most surprising aspects of the film was the parallel a psychiatrist drew between the Sabra and Shatila massacre and the Holocaust, in which millions of Jews perished. "The response [to the massacre] in Israel was so huge, in my point of view, because immediately after we had the press release of the first photos of the massacre," he said, when asked about the parallels. "For us Israelis, it was a direct connection to our Jewish history." Folman insisted that his film was personal, not political, and did not uncover any hidden truths about the atrocity. He laid the blame for the massacre directly on Christian militia fighters, although the movie does explore to what extent Israeli authorities were complicit. "Common soldiers are always pawns in a game ... of leaders who play with them," he said. The movie is one of 22 films in the main competition in Cannes, which was in its second day.


Friday, May 16, 2008

أنا متطرف

أنا متطرف لأن من يعتدل في إظهار الحق
يبين نصفه و يبقى نصفه الآخر محجوباً وراء
خوفه من ظنون الناس و تقولاتهم


marginal comments

i hope beirutspring won't mind my suggestions, for complaints, dont contact me -

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i cannot not post this ...


VALIUM DIAZEPAM (دواء الأمة )

Brand Names: Diastat, Valium (,candy)

What is the most important information I should know about Valium (diazepam)?

> Use caution when driving, operating machinery (or both in case of tanks or war jeeps) , or performing other hazardous activities (like breathing at home in Beirut) . Valium (diazepam) will cause drowsiness and may cause dizziness. If you experience drowsiness or dizziness, avoid these activities. (or just enjoi)

>Avoid alcohol while taking Valium (diazepam). Alcohol may increase drowsiness and dizziness caused by Valium (diazepam). Alcohol may also increase the risk of having a seizure if Valium (diazepam) is being taken for a seizure condition. (this may be part of your plan..dont worry)

>Valium (diazepam) is habit forming. You can become physically and psychologically dependent on the medication. (medication is not a political leader, dont link it with the same habit formation and dependency) Do not take more than the prescribed amount of medication or take it for longer than is directed by your doctor.( a doctor is not a political leader, but try to follow his directions as much as possible) Withdrawal effects may occur if Valium (diazepam) is stopped suddenly after several weeks of continuous use. Your doctor may recommend a gradual reduction in dose.

What happens if I overdose? (it is not a matter of "if" it is "when", just be in a beautiful setting, wherever you like..and savour your last moment )

>Seek emergency medical attention. (..whatever)

>Symptoms of a Valium (diazepam) overdose include sleepiness, dizziness, confusion, a slow heart beat, difficulty breathing, difficulty walking and talking, an appearance of being drunk, and unconsciousness. (valium is not our oxygen)

*the notes in red italic are to be taken into consideration without prescription, although they are in no way, medical or healthy comments.


سلامة عامة
أمن قومي


هدوء حذر
هدوء نسبي
(i will be adding more, just notify me when these are mastered)


i wrote a travel guide for these guys some time ago,
a blast to work with, and the publication is as nice
check em out ::


ok, excuse the quality of the pictures, but this is my first day out since ..thursday, and i went to the upper tell cafe in tripoli - قهوة التل العلية - or - القهوة الفوقانية - in tripoli :)

so its a huge cafe, with ancient trees and good/cheap food and wow arguileh..

nice view to the lower city.

nice nice nice niceeeee

excitement - happiness and the guy there greeted us with a heartfelt الحمدلة عل سلامه as if the war has ended - reassuring !!

anyways here you go. thank my N91 for putting up with my press needs I PROMISE BETTER Q PHOTOS LATER;


^ when you go online, chek this site, before you head to ur porn/chat/"study"

Monday, May 12, 2008

note to self # ____________

it just hit me.

i was talking to jana, scheduling a vernacular garden hunt in beirut, and scheduling a time for that matter..when she said, "yalla bas la tokhals el 7arb mama (just like when i was little-old war)"

im not equipped.

i am building my war vocabulary along the way,
i am placing adhoc reactions wherever and whenever they seem to fit, formally.
how are you? -depressed
what are you doing? -nothing

its normal to say so, to react so, but i dont know what this is. it is being glued to the news, in all its forms; it is hunting quotes and anecdotes and personal pictures, and believing them. it is the subjective weaving of pseudo-facts.

i know i am not objective anymore, but should i be? there seems to be this point where reality is no more the issue. there are no news. there is no one point of view. so let it be mine. mine.MYN

im looking out of my window, i see her this jewish/sunni/shi3a/druze/christian/athiest(god forbid) woman, relaxed, like these is nothing around. she is under the impression, Jeanne d'Arc is still part of her reality. she thinx that it is okay to lean back and puff the heck out of flaming friend. my rifle is next to me, my plastic rifle. olmert/hariri/hassan/jumblat/aoun/the devil (god forbid) has given me enough ammo to bake her alive from here.

i wish she had a hijab.

it might have added glam to her cross necklace, which now sets the rules of the game straight as she took her clothes of. i have to kill her, she has buddhist hair. they did not warn me. they told me to bake "the other".

is she one of them? but..but,

she is so comfortable in her street. as if it was her area, but maybe it some point in time.

taking her clothes off, on the sidewalk, and ordering a man2oushe' and 3iran. she knows the secrets of life. i think she deserves to die though.. her cross doesnt look like mine.

how are you? -depressed

what are you doing? ...

jerking off?

on the ground, like in the movies ...and red / damping her dry buddhist nicotine machine


AUB will resume classes as soon as conditions permit. Medical students should attend classes. Regular employees and workers should report to work.

a hard day's night // BEATLES

to comment, or not to comment...this is not even a question

Sunday, May 11, 2008

MSN interview 001 // Jana N

this interview is the first of many (in)valuable interviews to come .. via MSN Messenger
it is not edited, merely [prt sc]
special thanks to Jana Nakhal for your minutes ;)

peeping 001// 11.05.08

excuse me - this is an attempt to video tape an "army" troop...a rather hungry one perhaps, that stopped in front of el soufi restaurant in tripoli - alongwith a tinted glass pathfinder with armed people -

excuse me - please note, this is not anymore a democratic country, so the video is very shy and when you get a glimpse, the truck lights will blind you

excuse my 49 second sundance nomination

(ignore dialect)


you know, different places give you different feelings, the company is always great, but aleihaus .. is beyond. the funny thing is i ve been there only a couple of times, it's rayyama's place in Alley, and i'm in love with it. the view is super WOW. the terrace : amazing, and the weather is over the top. you go down a sexually creepy staircase, to reach IT, aleihaus-idriss. most of our evenings, we spent outside, on the terrace, eating yama's cake and one time..tripolitanian kaak ;) it ends with a movie projection on the cieling ...cuz we re cool people
now aleihaus is only 5 minutes away from the conflict, seeing it on what the fuck?! you know? yama just told me that if anything happens to it, it would be the second time it would be fixed in her lifetime . .
below are some past moments of aleihaus .. and there will be more ...when it all clears out
enjoi the pictures, i know im just a selfish fuk..but the pictures are here for me..not you.
or look, when you watch al-arabiyya..and see a bunch of innocent houses on the mountain slopes, none of them is just "a house" and know that one of them is aleihaus, waiting for us to project on its flesh, something sweeter than smoke and gunshots /

rayyama's munchies :)

cieling projection

mosquito wonder

non-alcoholic intoxication :S


watching the movie .. a bit more snax than i shud have had ??!?

oriental experiments

"haig, i am your father" , said darth ryam

the mega-terrace